Top 10 Healthcare Occupations in Demand Under Healthcare Reform 2017

1. Registered Nurse:

One of the most in-demand careers in the entire US, registered nurses are projected to generate over 580,000 new jobs by 2016. This does not count the hundreds of thousands of jobs that will become available when older nurses retire. Those following the path toward becoming a registered nurse will find abundant job prospects and ample opportunities. Call your representatives and tell them to pass the W Visa for nurses that will provide a temporary nonimmigrant category for nurses. Also tell them to tackle legal immigration first to get the nurses in waiting in the EB-3 category moving forward, given that this is a pre-certified shortage occupation.

2. Home Health Aide:

Home health aides function as caregivers to the many people who are unable to leave their homes or live on their own. Home health aides may check vital signs, administer medicines, and help with daily tasks. The job outlook for home health aides is excellent, especially as baby boomers age and home health aides retire or advance into other careers.

* 2006 employment: 767,000
* 2016 projection: 1,156,000
* Percent growth: 50.6
* Salary range: Less than $21,220
* Education/training: On-the-job training

3. Medical Assistant:

Medical assistants perform administrative and clinical tasks in a variety of work settings. A staple of the healthcare industry, medical assistants are in demand all over the US. Employment for medical assistants is estimated to grow much faster than average, and job opportunities should be abundant for medical assistants with formal training or certification.

4. Pharmacy Technician:

Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists in providing medication and health care products to patients. Because there is currently few state, and no Federal, requirements for formal training, many employers have on-the-job training, which is appealing to individuals who want to further their education without attending multiple years of school.

* 2006 Employment: 285,000
* 2016 projection: 376,000
* Percent growth: 32
* Salary range: $21,260 – $30,560
* Job outlook: The demand for pharmacy technicians will increase along with the elderly population. Pharmacies looking to cut costs will shift more responsibilities form pharmacists to technicians

5. Medical Secretary:

Employment is expected to grow faster than average, and job opportunities should be especially good for those who are certified. Employment in hospitals and physician’s offices will continue to grow significantly.

6. Dental Assistant:

Dental assistants are the most in-demand job in the field of dentistry. Here are the stats:

* 2006 employment: 280,000
* 2016 projection: 362,000
* Percent growth: 29.2
* Salary range: $21,260 – $30,560
* Education/training: Moderate on-the-job training
* Job outlook: As dental health among older generations improves, routine preventive care is needed more than ever before. Also, younger dentists entering the field are more likely to work with assistants.

7. Healthcare Administrators:

As the backbone of healthcare systems, healthcare administrators take on the duties of overseeing vast expanses of medial personnel. As the structure and financing of the healthcare industry changes, healthcare administrators must be able to adapt to new environments. However, administrators are still in great demand despite the evolving industry.

8. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians:

Medical records and health information technicians maintain the millions of documents the healthcare industry produces. Paperwork includes x-rays, medical histories, lab tests, and treatment plans. Every patient has detailed medical records, and it is necessary that these records be kept organized and confidential. Even with the proliferation of online and electronic health records, the medical records field is expected to grow considerably.

9. Physical Therapist:

Physical therapy is a growing occupation, especially for those who was interested in pursing an advanced medical degree but do not want to be physicians. Currently, the number of physical therapy jobs is greater than practicing physical therapists because many physical therapists hold more than one job – such as having a private practice and also working part time at another healthcare facility. Call your representatives and ask them to tackle legal immigration reform first so that the backlog of PTs waiting for green-cards (a pre-certified shortage occupation along with RNs), get moving forward for foreign PTs.

* 2006 employment: 173,000
* 2016 projection: 200,000
* Percent growth: 27.1
* Salary range: $46,360 or more
* Education/training: Master’s degree
* Job outlook: The growing elderly and disabled population will push demand for physical therapy, an industry that’s constantly expanding its scope.

10. Physician Assistants:

* 2006 employment: $66,000
* 2016 projection: 83,000
* Percent growth: 27
* Salary range: $46,360 or more
* Education/training: Master’s degree
* Job outlook: As health care facilities, particularly in rural and inner-city areas, increasingly use physician’s assistants to address physician shortages and save money, job demand will grow.

How to Grow As a Medical Tourism Facilitator? 2017

As we all know currently there is no qualification required for starting a Medical Tourism Facilitation Company but that does not mean that anyone and everyone can successfully manage a Medical Tourism Facilitation business because it requires a lot of in-depth healthcare knowledge to suggest best healthcare facility in the host country, extremely good relations with the Healthcare Providers in the host country to provide seam less and hassle free patient experience to the incoming patients, and supportive relations with the Medical Tourism Facilitators in home country to provide pre-arrival support and follow-up care after the treatment in the home country of the patient, Process also includes preparing for the worst as things can go wrong at one of the best institutes also. So what we see is Medical Tourism Facilitation business is a complex mix of sharing Knowledge, building network, Trusted Overseas Partners and Mitigating Risk, if a Facilitator fails in any one of the domain then they are doomed to fail in the fast changing business.

Knowledge Sharing: This is a very important step to succeed, let’s say you are a very knowledgeable person in Healthcare but how do other people know that you are most knowledgeable person in healthcare domain? The answer is simple, By sharing the healthcare knowledge we have with the industry, It will serve two purpose, First It will increase your followers who are searching for the matched Information they are actually Patients looking for information and secondly while conversation with the other healthcare leaders more learning will happen.

Building Network: Having a big pool of trusted Healthcare providers is very important for the success of your medical tourism company. Why it is Important? Say one patient from US came to India for complex heart treatment and after the initial evaluation of the patient, Patient is uncomfortable with the Healthcare Facility/Surgeon/Locality or any other thing then how a new facility will be arranged in such a short notice if you don’t have big pool of trusted network. If we have a good network then you will be able to offer range in treatment price also which is good for the patient, and what is good for the patient is ultimately good for a Medical Tourism Facilitator.

Trusted Overseas Partners: Medical Tourism Facilitation not only includes precise arrangements in host country but also include lots of important arrangement in the home country of the patient, Medical Financing is one important aspect and Most important is timely Follow up care in the home country after the treatment is over, this follow care is extremely important and difficult to provide if you do not have presence in the home country of the patient, and I know most of the Facilitators are present in either home country of the patient or the host country of the hospital, so it is really important for the facilitators to have strong and healthy relations with facilitators of other country, either to coordinate for the medical treatment or to provide the follow up treatment to the patient.

Risk mitigation: Yes Medical Tourism trip has its share of risk and fear involved with it, so until the fear of the patient is mitigated there won’t be growth in the sector, Medical Tourism Facilitators and Healthcare Providers should come together to mitigate the risks and fears of the patient by providing Comprehensive Medical Malpractice Coverage. It is a very vast field but there has to be two important constituents of this coverage first is Medical Malpractice Insurance before the procedure so that patient do not have to spend again out of pocket if anything goes wrong in the surgery, the insurance should cover price of secondary procedure in the home country or price of whole trip to the host country (If required).

How To Healthcare Finance for Medical Problems 2017

The quotation “Health is wealth” is a very true statement. Health is indeed wealth and when one is keeping good health then he or she can enjoy life. Life becomes very difficult when one gets serious health problems. Health problems can cause a lot of suffering and rob all joy in a person’s life. Hence, we must try to maintain good health and take care of our health. Nowadays many people suffer from various medical conditions due to different reasons. If you are suffering from some major health problem or if you know somebody who is suffering from a major health problem like for example – a knee problem or any gynaecology problem which requires surgical intervention then the problem should not be ignored. It is important to take proper treatment to prevent further deterioration.

Luckily for those who cannot afford expensive medical treatment, there are healthcare and finance facilitators who help you in getting proper and timely treatment by enabling monetary assistance in the form of loans. After going through all the criteria, if one is found eligible then they can avail of medical loans. These low cost medical loans are provided for healthcare needs only and not for any other reasons. For those who are finding it difficult to arrange finance for say a major operation or any other medical treatment, and then they can approach these healthcare finance services who will help you by facilitating medical loans.

In case of any health problem which needs to be treated, one need not run from pillar to post for help. You do not have to beg and borrow money from people as these services ensure that help is at hand. Once they find you eligible, they will facilitate the loan and the interest rate while paying back the loan is also not much. You can live a dignified life and approach these services when you have a health problem without feeling the embarrassment of having to beg or borrow money from others. Once you have been treated, you can repay the loan with the interest rate. This way your health does not suffer as timely help is always available from these healthcare finance facilitators.

Whatever happens, one must ensure that one’s health does not suffer. Even after getting treated, one must take all the required care to get better soon and remain fit and healthy always. Health problems should never be neglected. Getting help in the form of low cost loans can be a major benefit for people. It is true that cost for medical treatment is extremely high many a time. The steep increase in the cost of medical treatment has very often discouraged people from taking help when have a health problem. People may feel they do not have enough money to pay upfront for medical treatment. Healthcare and finance services provider facilitates low cost loans and ensure that your health is not put at risk. As long as such services exist, help is always at hand and you can concentrate on improving your health to feel better and well again.

Financing Your Medical Procedures With Medical Loans 2017

Healthcare is one of the important things an individual should have. With the high costs of hospitalization and medical procedures nowadays, having this is a really big help if the need arises. Some governments have healthcare programs wherein a monthly contribution from an employed individual is required and when a medical need arises, a certain percentage of the bill will be handled by the program. Most companies also have compulsory health insurance for their employees and a certain percentage of the total cost of the insurance package is being shouldered by the company and the rest is being deducted from the salary of the employee. One would ask, what if the individual who is working does not have a health insurance and the government does not also have this specific program? The answer to this is the medical loan.

Medical loans are loans that can be availed by anyone for the specific use of medical procedures. This loan can be used for different medical purposes such as cosmetic surgeries, dental surgeries, medical surgeries and it can also be used for the payment of hospitalization bills. There are cases too that the health insurance program of an individual does not cover certain medical procedures such as cosmetic surgeries; this loan can be used to cover the costs of medical procedures that are not covered in the standard health care products.

A lot of financial and lending firms are offering this kind of loan product. One can even apply for this loan through the internet and the waiting period for the approval is very short. Most lending firms who offer this kind of product do not require a down payment and the amount that can be borrowed ranges from a few thousand dollars up to $100,000. On the topic of repayment for this loan, the interest rates are kept at a minimum especially if the individual has a good credit standing. Some lending firms even offer zero percent interest rates from 6 to 10 months. As for the repayment period, the loan can be paid back within 6 months up to 24 months. Other firms even offer extension programs which lasts up to 48 months, which is of course depends on the credit standing of the borrower.

From the above descriptions about medical loans, it can be safely assumed that a medical loan can be a good backup for individuals whose health insurances do not cover certain medical procedures. To some individuals who are in need of an immediate financial assistance because of medical reasons, this loan can be accessed and the amount that can be borrowed can be negotiated. Indeed, this product can work at par with the standard health insurances.

The main points of a medical loans are:

  • Can be used as a back up or an overlapping financial resource when the need for medical procedures arises.
  • Can be used by individuals who have health insurances and also by people who do not have such benefits.
  • Amounts that can be loaned ranges from a few thousand dollars up to $100,000 and from which the repayment period ranges from 6 months to 4 years.
  • The interest rates are kept at a minimum and some lending firms are even offering a 0% interest programs.